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The Mystical Adventures of Period Girl

that sexy geek

16 July 1987
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firstly a message to everyone:

I'm nineteen. I'm 169.7cm. I have a frecklemole thing on my shoulder, my mum says I should get it checked, but I refuse to go incase the doctor wants to cut it off... leave my frecklemole alone! Someone once told me it was cute... hahah cute little frecklemole...

I had braces but my teeth are crooked (WEAR YOUR RETAINER) I have these two really ugly dimples in my chin when I smile... I smile alot... I'm not naturally a brunette... I like to pout..alot... I think Angelina Jolie is over-rated, I used to be obsessed with her, but now I find her irritating...oh and Brad Pitt's ugly... I hate it when people try to add me without messaging me first, no message, not add, I dont care how hot you are (or think you are) mind you Im a sucker for dogs, so if there's a picture of your puppy on your page or a mention of your dogs, then chances are I might add you... I ♥ dogs....alot more than people....alot alot more than people

I'm Renata II (yes I am a second! I also go by the names Naata, Shanaynay, Maud, Master Fagtron McBirdie, Mum, Daughter, Debelce (fatty) & Waffle but my parents call me Akyska

I'm the flyest pinquahead on the planet!!!!!

I actually come across as really dense, really loud and kinda very very stupid but in reality I'm actually really really smart, infact I'd go as far as saying that I'm intelligent...

Talking to my doggies makes me happy, I like talking to them in funny voices, they seem to find it amusing! and I like putting socks on their faces hahaha and I think dogs are the best, which probably explains why I own 3 of them, 1 little doggy, 1 medium sized doggy and 1 enormously huge doggy... Undee is my favourite, he follows me around like a bad smell! Me and Undee go way back, I remember when I didnt even want him, I wanted his fat brother but I had no choice, Undee was a loser, but we became best friends, he even sleeps in my bed, and we cuddle.... awww little Undee! hahaha.... Undee is currently asleep on my lap....his breath stinks

I like all sorts of weird music (not all of it is weird...just uncommon) I like habibi dance with a teatowel music, french feed me croissants music, italiano lets throw pizza dough in the air music... I also like rock & roll, mellow hippy stoner shit, boohoo I love you music (thats rnb), put on your blue suede shoes 50's, cheesy 80's crap (and yes, 80's music is shit, I just happen to like shit) and pretty much anything else in between.... I can listen to almost anything....except the black eyed peas, they were good before fergie...now they suck shrivelled lemonparty balls...mmm lemon party

I like lobsters, lobloblobbbbbeeerrrrssssssss.... crustaceans are mighty fine, I like hanging out with Sid & Lucy, I have a mega crush on Duane we drink chardonnay together, not a big fan of the doobie ashtray these days...Did you know that coke is a great after meal digestive...

Why do guys grow dirty sanchez style moustaches?

I'm a gin junkie.... I love martinis (but not vodka, that shits gross) and my sensitive palate only takes the expensive shit, so no gordons gin thanks. I spend my nights at work getting pissed on red wine and cocktails... I may or may not be an alcoholic, funnily enough you will never see me drunk...except on my birthday

My mother tells me that I have a terrible taste in men, suprisingly no 2 guys I have ever brought home have ever looked alike in any way...except their hair is most probably brown... I think short fat hairy wogs are hot, and I have a thing for big honker noses... (Im not joking, big noses add character and I think their sexy GO BARBARA!) My grandma says I cant marry a short man because my children will be short.... My grandma is about 5"4... Im a czechserb which means I have a revolting temper, never pick a fight with me unless youre prepared for a mouthful of a comeback.... I think that most slavs are insane & czech men are all bicycle riding drunks...

My hobbies include playing knock and run, skipping barefoot down the street at 3am, seeing how long it takes to be kicked out of shopping centres because Im smoking inside, having pull-back car races at the bus port, playing in the toys section ummmmmmmm oh oh oh and doing drive bys yelling PITCHFORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at people while throwing things (usually tiny teddies) at them. I love the rain! and I love dancing in the rain (I do not actually know how to dance...) I also enjoy playing spotlight in enormous parks, listening to the doors, smoking marijuana (I roll the best joints on earth), dropping acid, writing stories and picking my nose.

I like smoked salmon and capers, and eating avocados with poon sin vietnamese dipping sauce. I've never noticed that asparagus makes your wee stink really bad, I sometimes crave weird things at weird times, my view on caviar is that is thats like crunchy salty bubbles..... I like blue mouldy cheese...I hate my body, despite what you may see in my pictures, I am fat, I know what I am and I know what Im not, and I can deal with that...

I hate christmas because I always have to work... in the whole nineteen years of my life I have never had a family christmas.... family businesses suck.... and I have vowed that if I ended up having my own, I would never allow my children to work in it, and if they wanted to then Id never put the same amount of pressure that my parents put on me... Mind you my family are the most important thing in the world to me, and I will never let them down.

Im daddy's spoilt little rich girl, sure I can admit it, but nothing I have came easy, and my family (as well as myself) made heaps of sacrifices in order to achieve what we did. Nothing comes without hard work and I absolutely HATE when people tell me that they will never be rich, or they cant have something. You can have anything you want as long as youre prepared to make sacrifices, stay determined and work your ass off. My parents are proof of that theory. I am very proud of my family and they always come first.

Im am almost impossible to get a hold of, Im always breaking plans at the last minute and I never answer private number... Im sorry I work up to 60 hours a week...shoot me, my work is my priority, I love money, but thats not why work is my priority, work is also my obligation and Im not prepared to make my mum take my shift when shes already doing a million other things...

I dont like policemen, theyre horrible, especially the old farts who love to lecture, ok ok ok I KNOW Im not supposed to talk on my phone, but you SAW me pulled over you assmuncher, you suck, and you EAT POO! Mind you I should be happy I only got $100 fine for no P plates (even tho I said they flew away and put them back up when you questioned their whereabouts) Also, I take too many drugs and drink too much to be a policemans friend, except the corrupt ones, Im all open for them.... kinda not really... PLEASE DONT DOB ON ME!

I like to have nice things, and its pretty obvious, I take pride in what I have, Im a poorass thanks to my car which is a Saab 93 convertable, awesome to drive in the summertime while listening to awesome tunes with the roof down, ciggie in one hand and a cold beer in the other.... DONT DRINK AND DRIVE KIDDIES! ITS BADDDDDDD!!!!!! I'm constantly spending my hard earnt money on things that I really cant afford but I somehow manage to scrapethrough, and will always be able to afford a $90 tank of petrol in the end....

I love going on early morning adventures, playing hide and seek, running around in the rain specially when the road is still hot and I can dance barefoot. I like to hold hands, especially when crossing the street. Im not a very needy person but I do like to feel apreciated, I also like having my own space and think it's important to maintain a normal lifestyle.

I think I talk way too much and I cant be fucked typing anymore "about me", I talk alot of gibberish (I blame the drugs)


Basically I'm like any other person, perhaps a bit a lot louder than most haha. You either love me or you hate me, but people usually opt for the first of the two :P I'm random, spontaneous and speddy and I live life to the fullest, life is about enjoying yourself not about crying over the past or organising tommorrow, the best times we have are those that we dont plan. I like to have fun with the people that mean the most to me. On the other hand I'm not a counsellor and I don't want to put up with peoples whinging, so if you whinge more than you don't winge then don't bother with me cos I'll tell you where to stick it!

wow im really good at composing sentances hahah.... If you wanna chat then send me a message and we'll get the party started